PhD Study



Our Movement is One: African Contributions from London Between 1989 to 2014 in Charting the Historical Trajectory of the International Social Movement for African Reparations (ISMAR)


Research Question:

What is the role of activists in London in charting the historical trajectory of reparations activism in the UK between 1989 and 2014?

In attempting to answer the research question I will:

  • uncover evidence which has been interpreted to outline the commencement of the ISMAR begin in the UK;
  • describe the characteristics of ISMAR?;
  • identify some of the historical individuals and institutions who were the principal early advocates for African reparations based in London ;
  • clarify some of the goals and purpose of the ISMAR as shaped by leading activists in London;
  • assess how various individuals and organisations have historically and in recent times conceptualised reparations including the forms of redress reparationists have envisioned and advocate for?;
  • pinpoint what distinguishes reparations social action from other forms of African & African Diaspora social action; and
  • assess some of the gains that have been made in the struggle to achieve reparations in the UK .

In this study, I highlight the role and significance of the metropolis London to crafting a global vision and basis for reparations activism in Britain which is a unique characteristic of the ISMAR based in the UK. This research follows in the tradition of previous research on the significance of London to forms of African Diaspora activism of international significance.

There are three interrelated components to this research:

1. conducting historical research utilising a range of primary and secondary sources to recover the history of the contemporary ISMAR, leading to a PhD thesis;
2. conducting primary oral history research amongst UK based reparations advocates, activists and allies.
3. producing an audiovisual documentary.



One response

  1. Have you ever had someone commence a P hD research project and invited you to contribute to the knowledge contents and structure of their system? Can you become a co-creator to this unique subject and be part of a 21st century movement? You have the opportunity to be a Community Scholar Activist yourself by giving your views and sending in any research that you find on the subject to the researcher…..make his/her/our/story on Reparations together..and review ‘theirs’. How exciting? An example to mainstream academia for ideas from sterile lifeless research study to mass engagement of communities in the Scholar Activist concept.

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